How BuildForce works for Construction Employers

Employers join the BuildForce Alliance, which comprises industry employers, organisations, trade bodies and charities. The Alliance allows multiple connections to be made between those seeking assistance (Service Leavers and Veterans), those providing industry expertise, and existing military transition organisations – and this is the key to the success of this project.

For construction employers, joining the BuildForce Alliance brings a range of benefits:

  • Connect to the unique talent pool of 14,000 personnel that leave the Armed Forces each year
  • Find suitably talented and skilled candidates for your roles
  • Access the skills and attributes commonly found in ex-Armed Forces individuals – leadership, teamwork, planning, project management, integrity and determination
  • Help reduce the shortage of construction workers, predicted to be 224,000 by 2019

The Process

Employers join the BuildForce Alliance and, depending on size and resources within each business, appoint individuals as BuildForce Ambassadors, Champions and Mentors to promote BuildForce within their organisation and beyond, and help Service Leavers and Veterans transition to construction careers. In smaller businesses, one person might be Ambassador, Champion and Mentor rolled into one.

A BuildForce Ambassador

  • Acts as a senior point of contact for BuildForce
  • Promotes and supports participation in BuildForce within his/her organisation, supply chain and wider network

A BuildForce Champion

  • Acts as a point of contact for BuildForce
  • Promotes and supports BuildForce within her/his organisation
    Identifies opportunities for Service Leavers and Veterans (e.g. work placements, interview coaching, site visits, job opportunities, etc.)
  • Develops a network of BuildForce mentors within the business

A BuildForce Mentor

  • Provides information, advice and guidance to Service Leavers and Veterans, face-to-face or remotely, on developing a career in construction
  • Develops and implements opportunities for Service Leavers and Veterans to engage with your business (e.g. provision of information and guidance, work placements, interview coaching, site visits, job opportunities, etc.)
  • Continues 1-2-1 mentoring as candidates move into employment

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Step 1 – Sign up

Register to join the BuildForce Alliance.

Step 2 – Appoint BuildForce point(s) of contact

Identify individuals within your organisation to take on the roles of BuildForce Ambassadors, Champions and Mentors. For smaller businesses, one person may combine all three roles. In larger businesses there may be one BuildForce Ambassador, more than one Champion and many Mentors.

Step 3 – Welcome

Receive a welcome pack and guidance on how to get started.

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