From Anti-Tank Weapons Systems to Engineering Firm HESQ Director

I believe construction is a fabulous career path to choose, it can be very diverse, with hundreds of different roles and potential avenues to follow.

Four years serving as a soldier in the Cheshire Regiment’s anti-tank platoon set Anthony Melia up with some invaluable core skills, such as a positive attitude to problem-solving, strong work ethic, reliability, adaptability, independence, determination and an appetite for physical fitness.

However, many of the specific skills he learned were not certifiable to take into civilian life, and when he left the Army he found the transition to civilian work difficult and without much support (although he credits his Dad with helping him most). As he explains:

…basically [I] started again..”

, but persistence landed him a job as a

“trainee calibration technician working with measuring equipment for a company that primarily served the construction industry on the petro-chemical side.

Anthony goes on:

I took well to my new position and showed an eagerness to learn new skills. The owner of the company saw something in me, and after six months asked me if I would like to learn the other side of the business. I agreed and over a period of years my journey began on upskilling myself via various courses and further education

17 years, and several opportunities later, Anthony now works as Health, Environment, Safety and Quality (HESQ) Director for the national mechanical and engineering company HE Simm, and is also Managing Director of a HESQ consultancy company which has now been operating successfully for 6 years.

His days at work are diverse:

…I could be meeting with a director from a large tier 1 contractor one day, be on site the next, looking at finance another day, meeting with potential new clients, recruiting, training, mentoring, board meetings. The list goes on….

Anthony Melia
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