From 5 Rifles to Occupational Health & Safety

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Murphy have partnered with BuildForce UK to offer assistance to ex-Service personnel helping facilitate the transition from Military to construction careers and it is through our network of Mentors that Veterans are able to reach their full potential.

BuildForce Mentors offer one to one support and guidance throughout the journey from Military to civilian life.  Colin Willows who is the Lead Technical Trainer at Murphy and also a veteran hosted Owolabi (Labi) Dominic who completed 7 years with 5 Rifles, completing operational duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Labi is currently a Large Goods Vehicle Driver and is already equipped with a wide range of Health and Safety qualifications.

Labi is currently studying through the British Safety Institute to gain a level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. He already holds certificates in NEBOSH General, Fire and Construction.

His goal is to secure a safety advisor opportunity in the construction industry.  Murphy hosted Labi over the 21 – 24 August to get an insight to the construction industry and safety related occupations.  He has shadowed safety advisors in their role, learning about the wide range of safety documentation that is applied daily in Murphy.  He visited AMK Deephams a joint venture project for the client Thames Water and was hosted by Gavin Cournane.  He also shadowed safety advisors working on the Agility Alliance carrying out their safety duties.


Labi is very keen to pursue a Health and Safety career and would be delighted to get an opportunity at Murphy, he has found the work placement rewarding in terms of information, understanding the complexities of the industry and meeting friendly people in our company.

A good experience and an eye opener into the construction industry and particularly as my week was focused on safety advisor’s duties. I will now never walk past any unsafe situation, I would now try to offer advice to help others from getting into danger.” 

Owolabi Dominic 

24 August 2018 at Deephams

Tom Scott
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