From Aircraft Engineering Technician to Site Engineer

Paul spent 4 years 8 months in the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Engineering Technician engaging in multiple aircraft repair and modification tasks.

His time within the Armed Forces helped him gain many key skills which are directly transferrable to the non-military workplace as Paul himself explains: 

  • “Able to work individually and under pressure whilst holding secondary responsibilities of managing the work and duty roster for the whole air engineering department demonstrating excellent leadership and communication skills as well as professional effectiveness.
  • Working as part of a team when reacting in emergency situations in crash on deck and fire exercises, assisting aircraft carriers successfully through sea trials to launch and recover aircraft at sea
  • Punctual and well presented, having performed many high-profile responsibilities including representing my ship at the Lord Mayors Show in London and welcoming the Queen at the commissioning ceremony for HMS Queen Elizabeth. Able to adopt communication style to suit when working with people from all trades and positions up to high management level.
  • Excellent numeracy and IT skills (including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Creating tools for the department manager to be able to accurately forecast available man power and specifically the roles and duties they were obligated to provide, displaying a true representation of up-to-date capability and effective suitably qualified personnel within the department.”

Paul initially found the transition to different routines and time management responsibilities difficult compared to a structured, institutionalised armed forces lifestyle. However support from BuildForce (Angela Forbes and Caroline Logan) and time spent preparing for interviews helped him to secure a role as a Site Engineer for Careys Civil Engineering.  Preparation and research were key in securing Paul’s role: “I knew the Military couldn’t really help me. I knew ultimately it was up to me to make things happen”

Time spent researching roles coupled with support and advice from BuildForce, were instrumental in helping Paul find employment within the construction industry as a Site Engineer: “Learn as much as you can before you start about site operations, terminology and health and safety.”

Paul Gill
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