Midland Armed Forces Insight Day Testimonials

Thanks for today, what i found best was the one on one time.  Everyone had good advice for me and also pointed out avenues for me to go down that i hadn’t thought of before.

Thanks for including me today to what was a timely and extremely useful event which broadened my horizons as I start my transition journey. The presentations hit the mark and I appreciated the willingness of both veterans to openly discuss their experiences leading up to and securing employment. Reps that I engaged with were very supportive and I will follow up with emails this evening.  Having finished work on Friday, I have a couple months of paid leave to scope options and would welcome opportunities to spend time with some of the organisations represented today.

All positive. I thought the balance between presentations from you, Nick and Ben vs time with the employers was good. I thought the number and range of employers was very positive.

A couple of thoughts to make the next one even better:

Would it be helpful to group the employers by sector or specialisation (logistics / infrastructure delivery / commercial construction / residential construction…)? Might just help navigating around the employers.

Is it worth thinking about optimising employer expectation to the service leavers’ backgrounds? I might be wrong, but my sense was that over 50% of the service leavers may have been officers looking for managerial roles, but some of the employers had anticipated non-commissioned officers looking for hands on roles in H&S, logistics etc. It wasn’t a problem for me, but one or two of the employers told me that they were surprised that someone of my background was there. Whilst they were not in a position to help me, they did offer to pass on my details to others in their organisations. Let’s see if that happens. But a really good day. Thank you.

Thank you for today. I found the whole event really useful. The employers were all helpful and engaging. The mixture of ex-military and civilian perspectives was also useful to judge if I have civilianised my CV and pitch. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Thanks for the insight day, i had a great day meeting potential employers and getting great feedback from them with my experiences, and how i could possibly fit into their company. Today is a day of chasing them follow up emails. I think the numbers were spot on for attendees, If you had possibly had one or two more companies attending, i think this may off elevate some of the waiting around, obviously this all depends on your network attending the events. All in all a great day i thought.

Many thanks to you and the team, the day was a great insight to civilian life, the recruiters/ employers where great and dispelled a lot of myths that I had about what they look for when reading CVs and about the interview process.  Also some inspirational speakers.

Therefore can I say a genuine thankyou for all of the contacts, information and events that you provided. I have found them incredibly useful even if, this time, they have not lead to a job.

That said, one of the options that has opened up to me is contracting under my own business, and I will definitely continue looking at Construction Logistics and pre-project planning should I follow that route – so you may yet get me into the industry! I had not considered construction at all prior to signing up with you.

Thankyou again -the experience and contacts that I have gained through Buildforce were genuinely useful and had HS2 in particular been at a slightly more advanced stage this would have certainly provided me with some solid opportunities.

The day was excellent in my eyes. It had a good ratio of attendees to employers which meant no one was standing around for long.  My main criticism of other Armed Forces events has been that it is full of HR people who don’t know much of the technical detail for the roles I was enquiring about. Thankfully there was no such issue today. All the stands had a HR rep supported by a construction person to ensure all questions could be answered in an accurate and articulate way as well as giving sound advice. Also they were the decision makers who could actually fast track good candidates to the right people. I am very glad I could make the event and I have made some excellent contacts as a result.

Thanks for organising yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear success stories from veterans that had recently transitioned. The opportunity to speak to such a number and diverse range of companies was invaluable and I feel very fortunate to have been able to partake in the day. I made a number of connections that I will be following up. I feel very positive about securing more meetings, coffees and in good time work experience opportunities.  Thanks again for your continued help and support.

First of all, thank you very much for a very useful and insightful day yesterday at Cosford. If only I came across you guys when I did my resettlement.

I found the information with timings and location very clear and precise. The event was run to the point, with no fuss and with maximum time to engage with the employers present. I have no recommendations for improvement, only huge praise to you and the team.

Great day today at BuildForce’s 5th Armed forces insight day. It was a unique experience having the ability to sit down and have an informal chat with some of the big players in the construction industry, and with people who have a genuine interest in what skills ex-forces personnel can provide. Made some valuable contacts and hopefully an opportunity for the future.

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